About Devtree Pty Ltd

Devtree is a company that specialises in forest management advice, provision of marketing and harvest services (Gippsland Plantation Management) and tree/plantation measurement services (Forest Audit & Inventory). Native vegetation measurement contracts with the Victorian government have been undertaken through the Austwide Resources and Environmental business.

Devtree links with other service providers to ensure that the private grower receives the best advice and services available. We use quality local providers who have proven track records for reliability, consistency and quality. We can help you in all aspects of forestry and tree growing, and in particular:

  • Land suitability assessment, site preparation and species selection advice
  • Health management ~ pest, plant, animal and insect control
  • Fertilisation and pruning
  • Tree assessment and volume analysis
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Harvest (thinning and clearfall) supervision and marketing
  • Timber harvesting plans and planning permits
  • Expert witness and VCAT preparation
  • Native forest regeneration surveys and audits of permit conditions
  • Aerial photography
  • Plantation Sales

We provide ongoing management of plantations for a number of clients covering all aspects and activities.

The principal forester (Peter Devonshire) has more than thirty years experience in the Forestry and Timber Industries across Victoria, including the traditional field education of a practical forester. Several management positions in sawmilling have given him a special first-hand insight into the downstream effects of forestry practice.

Peter is accredited under the Timber Towns Victoria and by the Institute of Foresters of Australia as a Registered Professional Forester and being recognized as having a high level of expertise in the fields of harvest & marketing, roading, farm & agro forestry, forest planning and management, and Code of Forest Practices for Timber Production. He is also a member of the Institute of Foresters of Australia, the Association of Consulting Foresters of Australia, the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association and the Australian Forest Growers.

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